A Stroll in the “Ville”

Spending the weekend at Camp Humphreys to spend time with my battalion chaplains and attend some of their events and worship services, I took some of my free time to go out the “walk-through” gate into the area of Pyeongtaek directly beside the base. I walked up the road in the area affectionately (or not so much) called by the Soldiers, “the Ville.” This is pretty much the main part of town that our Soldiers can get to easily and contains a combination of restaurants, bars and a variety of stores. Here’s a few pictures of my stroll in the “Ville”:


A view down the main road of the "Ville"
A view down the main road of the “Ville”
Several tailors can be found any of the military posts in Korea to include Camp Humphrys. I think I'll go with the red one...
Several tailors can be found outside of any of the military posts in Korea to include Camp Humphrys. I think I’ll go with the red one…
Hooters Snack Bar Pyeongtaek
Looks like this used to be some kind of snack bar. I wonder why it didn’t survive. I don’t think it was the “Hooters” the Soldiers were expecting!
A view down one of the side roads...
A view down one of the side roads…
Royal Hotel Pyeongtaek
…and then you see this: The Royal Hotel.
Royal Hotel Pyeongtaek
The elaborate side of the Royal Hotel
Love Shop
One of the places Soldiers need to stay away from!
USA Military Surplus Pyeongtaek
There are several military surplus stores outside of Camp Humphreys in the “Ville.” Here’s one of the largest ones.
Pyeongtaek Fish Market
Stores of all kinds line the road in the “Ville.” Here’s a fish market.
Pyeongtaek Korean Oreos
Another market has a variety of food, some very familiar!
Korean Frosted Flakes
They’re Gr-r-reat!
Pyeongtaek market
I had to get a few snacks from this market.
A view down another road in the “Ville.” No end to shops.
Korean Food Pyeongtaek
So you can find Korean Food in Korea!
Pyeongtaek alley
A “shady” looking alley in the “Ville.”
Pyeongtaek street art
Interesting street art. Looks like how many people drive!
Pyeongtaek snack bar
There’s never a shortage of food to eat. Not sure how safe some of the places are, though…
Pyeongtaek Restaurant Varieties
There’s also a variety of ethnic foods. Down this side road is Filipino and Thai restaurants.
Nazar Kebab Pyeongtaek
I decided to eat at Nazar Kebab, a Turkish restaurant my chaplains took me to last weekend.


Small and large communities of businesses crop up outside of military bases all over the world and contain their share of nice places and not-so-nice places. The benefit of these business communities is that the military personnel have a place to shop and eat, offering a change from the common on-post establishments. In turn, money spent by these Service Members go into the local economy to help those who live and work in the area.




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