Brigade Hail and Farewell

Hail and Farewell gatherings are a long-standing tradition in the military to welcome Soldiers just coming into the  unit and say “farewell” to those who are leaving. The Army doesn’t have a prescribed ceremony or format for Hail and Farewells, it is up to each unit to decide how often to have them and what they will be composed of.

The brigade I am leaving tried to have them every other month or so, so there was never too many being hailed or farewelled. Coming up on PCS season, however, there are a lot more changes, so they started farewelling people farther away from their actual departure than normally would be done. I was farewelled a full three months before I was scheduled to leave!

This Hail and Farewell was held at a massive buffet that had a variety of Korean, Chinese, Western and all sorts of types of food to include breads, fruits and desserts. There was too much to chose from, but it all looked good. Of course, one of the criteria for picking the location is that they have a meeting room so that we can be separated from the rest of the restaurant guests.

501st MI BDE H & F
The new Command Sergeant Major was being hailed the night I was being farewelled. When being hailed, the commander or your supervisor shares a little background about you: past assignments, family, hobbies, etc.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
When you’re being farewelled, your supervisor, or in my case the Brigade Commander, talks about your contribution to the unit mission.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
Usually you’re presented a farewell gift, often the “colors” of the unit. Sometimes it’s another symbol of the unit or location. Some received a Korean Familial Bell.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
A close-up of the colors I received.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
I also received a Brigade Commander’s coin.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
The farewellee is given a chance to speak, often thanking those who contributed to their success.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
Many times there are games or some other form of entertainment.
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
Continuing to play a game
501st MI BDE Hail and Farewell
Of course, there’s food, too. I can’t say that I ate any of this fish…
I didn’t eat any of this fruit, either.
I did have Bulgogi Pizza






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