Office Space

I’ve finally about got my office set up for my stay in Korea. I’ve unpacked my books, arranged my furniture and desk and hung some pictures. It’s a good space. The Unit Ministry Team (Chaplain & Chaplain Assistant, and in Korea a KATUSA) actually has a suite because of the work that we do. There’s a comfortable place for a few people to sit, along with books and Bibles they can take with them. The chaplain assistant has an office while the KATUSA has a desk by the door, kind of like a “receptionist.” Then I have my office for work, study and counselling.  We try to make it an inviting place.

My office has a window which opens to a school. Most every day I hear the children out playing on the playground…sure, I won’t miss my kids! But it is actually nice to hear cheerful noises rather than what the military often offers!

Here are a few pictures:

Building 6000
Here’s our brigade headquarters from Google Maps. (I’m surprised I haven’t taken a picture of it yet!) It’s a big 6-story building that I heard use to be a jail though I don’t know if that’s true or not.
Building 6000
Our building has quite a view from the roof. Of course, this isn’t one of the good ones but of some of the post.
Brigade UMT office-meeting room
Here’s are “meeting room.” Very comfortable couches and lots of give-a-way books and Bibles. (That black office chair in the corner is trash, they just haven’t taken it out yet. Please overlook it!)
Brigade UMT Office-Chaplain Assistant
This is the chaplain assistant’s office, just as you walk in our door.
Brigade UMT office-KATUSA
Just inside our main door and to the left is our KATUSA’s desk. My office is just beyond.
Brigade UMT office-chaplain's desk
My office. The mess on the desk is evidence of a busy day!
Brigade UMT office-library
It’s nice to have a few of my books with me!
Brigade UMT office-seating
And, a place to sit with Soldiers and either visit or counsel. On the walls are pictures I had enlarged of worship and chaplain ministry during the Korean War.